Holiday Mini Sessions 2014 - mrhoni-photography

Holiday Photo Sessions

Friday, November 14 (4pm - 8pm)
Saturday, November 15 (12pm - 7pm)
Hosted by Zoom Room, 1614 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell

If you are not a client of Zoom Room or an inactive client of Zoom Room, you must bring proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Bordatella and DHPP.

Please read everything below before signing up.


$50 ($120 value, 58% savings)

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Sales tax of 9% is collected during payment

Signup Steps

Refund Policy:
You may cancel and receive a full refund if cancellation is prior to 5 days before the session date.

A $50 fee will be deducted from your refund if:
• You are a no-show
• Arrive too late for your session and there are no available open time slots for you to fill
• Late cancellation, unless you can find someone to take your time slot
• If you are not a Zoom Room client and you did not bring proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Bordatella and DHPP

Tips to Prepare for your Photo Session

Arrive a few minutes before your photo session time. If you arrive late, but within your time slot, you will be limiting the number of photos you will be able to choose for your order.

Read these tips to prepare for your session which includes additional tips for the photo session itself. Some tips are for outdoor sessions, but many apply to the indoor photo session.

Selecting and Receiving Your Photos

• Within 4 days an online photo gallery will be created with the best images from your session. You can expect 3-5 full body photos and 2 closeups.

• You will be notified via email with details of how to access the photo gallery and how to designate the images you have chosen for your order.

• Selections must be made within 5 days after receiving notification the online photo gallery is ready.
If you are unable to provide your selections, I will select for you.
This is necessary as one large order will be placed with the photo lab for everyone’s individual order and we wouldn’t want to delay everyone.

• Detailed retouching is performed on the photos you have selected for purchase and is not performed on every image in the online photo gallery.

• Detailed retouching includes:
       • stray hair removal from faces
       • hair/light dander/specks removal from clothing and fur
       • blemish removal
       • leash removal
       • treat crumb removal
       • eye goop removal
       • light tear stain removal
       • eye sharpening and cataract lessening
       • teeth whitening
       • cropping
       • sharpening

• Orders will be delivered to Zoom Room within approximately 10 days after the selection cutoff date and you will be notified by email when they are available for pickup.

• You will receive your digital file by email.

Please contact or call (408-221-0666) with any questions.

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